New video series ”ON CLUSTERS” released by the European Cluster Observatory

The Center for Strategy and Competitiveness have launched a new video series “ON CLUSTERS” in cooperation with the European Cluster Observatory (
“This series of three programs covers the most important aspects of cluster dynamics, cluster policy and management of cluster organisations”, says program host Professor Örjan Sölvell. The series features a range of cluster experts, including Dr Christian Ketels, Dr Göran Lindqvist, Ifor Ffowcs-Williams and many others.
In addition to the video series, the European Cluster Observatory also offers the accompanying free book – “Clusters: Balancing Evolutionary and Constructive Forces”, also known as the “Redbook” – which can be downloaded together with the program series. The series will also be available on a DVD, which can be ordered free of charge.
The free video series can be viewed at the Observatory’s Classroom, which is part of the recent “facelift” of the Observatory website. “The Classroom videos, the extended Cluster Library and the enhanced Cluster Mapping function will improve the Observatory website in anticipation of the major upgrade to be released this autumn” says Göran Lindqvist, project manager of the Observatory.
For more information, please contact Ms Malin Ekberg,, tel. +46 8 736 9524.

The European Cluster Observatory is an innovation platform that provides a single access point to information and analysis of clusters and cluster policy in Europe and an interactive platform for cluster collaboration.

Originally launched in 2007, the Cluster Observatory is now adding a range of new services. It consists of two main parts: the Knowledge Platform providing data and analysis on clusters and competitiveness, alongside a cluster library; and the Collaboration Platform facilitating co-operation among cluster organisations and their members.


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